Why Omega 3 Fatty Acids are Good for Us?

With the modern diet skewed in favour of Omega 6 Oils, the average person exhibits the classic signs of Omega 3 deficiency. Indeed some studies suggest that low Omega 3 ratios are one of the most significant contributory factors in early death (1). The good news is that supplementation of these crucial fatty acids in incredibly easy. You can either adjust your diet to contain more oily fish or, if like many of us you are now concerned about the levels of toxicity in the oceans, you can supplement with vegetarian omega 3 fatty acids like algal oil.

How they Benefit Your Health

Mental Health Issues like Anxiety and Depression – Increasing evidence suggests that Omega 3 can be a powerful ally in combatting mental health issues. Since all of the cells in the human body are encased in a fatty sheath, it appears that when our essential fatty acid intake is low, these sheaths become brittle, potentially preventing cellular communication.

Arthritis and Rheumatism – Joint stiffness, and body aches are helped by Omega 3’s which appear to deliver potent anti inflammatory effects.

Infant Brain Development – Numerous studies now back up the efficacy of DHA, in particular, in promoting brain development in babies. Since brain matter is composed largely of fat, it stands to reason that ingesting health levels of either good oil will promote this process.

Breathing difficulties like Asthma – Since inflammation is a contributory factor in asthma, Omega 3 supplementation should be standard with anyone experiencing this condition.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – Now a massive issue, ADHD appears to respond well to adopting a more health diet, and from the potent properties of Omega 3 Oils. While fatty acids are not the only recommended treatment for ADHD, they are a useful tool amongst many to promote calmness, clear thinking and wellbeing.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s – Although more studies are needed, some evidence points to the likelihood of Omega 3 supplementation having a positive effect on memory and cognitive conditions such as dementia. Certainly, the tribal peoples whose diets of cold water fish first prompted the interest in the benefits of fish oil displayed high levels of functioning right into advanced age.