Chlorella for Weight Loss and Chloresterol

While chlorella has long been touted as a miracle food by nutritionists and naturopaths, it’s finding an audience more recently in the weight loss sector and showing some exciting results. This article will explore how taking a daily chlorella supplement can offer support to those looking to lose weight, or reduce body fat.

What is Chlorella?

A single-celled fresh water algae, chlorella has been one of the most popular health supplements in Japan for more than half a century. It is a contender for the most nutrient dense foodstuff on earth, and packed with an array of health-giving properties which include:

  • B Vitamins
  • 60% Protein
  • 19 out of the 22 Amino Acids Essential for Health
  • Chlorella Growth Factor (Nucleic Acids)
  • Increased digestive flora
  • Possible defence against major diseases such as cancer
  • Antioxidant which scavenges free radicals

What benefits of Chlorella make it Useful for Weight Loss?


The powerful green molecule chlorophyll is the thing which makes plants green, and boasts a wealth of astonishing properties. A study from 2013 found that high fat meals containing chlorophyll promoted weight loss, partly by suppressing the desire to eat more by promoting feelings of fullness.

Enhances Digestive Bacteria

Chlorella is said to promote the multiplication of beneficial bacteria’s like lactobacillus in the stomach at 4 times the normal rate. Since increasing evidence points to a link between microbial health and obesity, it makes sense to promote the healthiest gut flora possible. Obese people tend to have reduced diversity of microflora, with certain species dominating. Any methods one can take to promote a healthy diversity should help.

Reducing Fat Absorption

A study from 2005 concluded that chlorella had the capacity to reduce lipid absorption in the intestinal tract, in addition to reducing cholesterol. The same study demonstrated the fecal lipids were higher in the test group meaning that chlorella helps the body expel fat.