Can Chlorella Help Gut Flora and Digestive Health?

One of the lesser known effects of chlorella is in its ability to improve:

  • digestive health
  • intestinal flora
  • bowel function
  • peristalsis

Chlorella for Intestinal FloraHow Does Chlorella Improve Digestive Health?

As well as detoxifying toxins that may be residing within the intestine, chlorella’s deeply nourishing properties act as an overall digestive palliative, toning, cleaning and strengthening. Containing more chlorophyll than any other plant species, the abundance of chlorophyll is one reason for chlorella’s efficacy at improving gut health. It may be that the very presence of so much chlorophyll inhibits bacterial growth.

Chlorella appears to be highly adept at improving overall bowel health by optimising elimination, levels of friendly bacteria, and detoxifying the poisonous bacteria that can aggregate in a flaccid, under active bowel.

What does Chlorella do for Intestinal Flora?

Chlorella encourages the growth of friendly, aerobic bacteria, particularly lactobacillus. It is said that the beneficial bacteria naturally produced by the body multiply at four times their normal rate, in the presence of chlorella.

How does Chlorella benefit bowel function?

While 80% of the chlorella plant is composed of nutrients, the hard outer shell comprises the remaining 20%. This offers fibre that has now been proven to bind with toxic elements in the bowel. As a result, metabolic waste is carried more efficiently out of the body, keeping the blood and tissues in optimum health.

Chlorella Helps Bad Breath

As a result of some of the factors described above, many chlorella users find that life long bad breath is cleared up in a matter of days. Similarly, users find their stools significantly less strong smelling, and constipation sufferers that their movements are smoother and easier.