What are the Best Non Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplements?

If you choose not to eat fish oil you are likely doing so for reasons of dietary choice (vegetarian, vegan, or spiritual). Although the alternative Omega market remains largely the choice of these demographics, more and more people these days are also deciding to see fish oil alternatives for health or ethical reasons. You’re either not comfortable anymore degrading fish stocks, supporting the dubious business of fish farming, or you’re becoming aware of the increasing health risks of ingesting fish.

Whatever your reasons, we’re with you.

One of the reasons we founded Microalgae Supplements was because we felt that those who were putting their religious, ethical or health beliefs first shouldn’t have to forgo the deeply supportive nutritional elements of long chain fatty acids. Fortunately, despite many of the hugely depressing statistics about our planet, there are tremendous positives, not least of which our deepening knowledge about the biosphere and the amazing web of life!

This article will cover what we feel is the best non fish source of Omega 3 and why it’s useful.

What are the best Sources of Vegetarian or Vegan Omega 3?

Our research has been focussed on the highest vegetarian sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, rather than a comprehensive list.

Is Algae the Best Alternative to Fish Oil?

We certainly believe it is for the following reasons:

  • Contains the optimum Long Chain Forms of Omega 3 so the body does not have to convert it
  • Extremely bio-available
  • Ecologically efficient to produce: algae has a fast life-cycle and is highly productive
  • Offers a wealth of other health benefits

Where do Fish Get Their Omega’s From in the First Place?

There’s a simple reason fish are so high in Omega 3 oils, they love to eat algae! Many salt and freshwater marine life use algae as a predominant food source, and it is this which makes gives them their incredibly healthful properties!

Should I take Algal Oil or Pure Marine Phytoplankton?

Taking an algal oil supplement offers a deeply concentrated nutritional source of EPA and DHA so where these benefits are sought, we suggest taking an algae supplement.

Marine Phytoplankton does contain these things but you’d have to take a lot of them to match the Omega Levels offered by a capsule of the pure oil. That said, phytoplankton offers tremendous nutritional benefits in its own right – the antioxidants, pigments, and incredibly bioavailable nourishment of the pure phytoplankton powder is truly one of the world’s ultimate sources of herbivorous nutrition.

Personally, we take both, one to ensure the body’s oil level are met, and the other to offer a packed superfood mix of incredible super nutrition!